Autumn Term - 2020

The children have settled into their new class and school very well and are off to a fantastic start to their schooling life. Our first topic was The Three Little Pigs. the children enjoyed learning the new text and carried out lots of activities based on this. We built homes out of different materials and tested them to see how strong they would be. We also used a hair dryer to test their strength against the wolf! The children also enjoyed playing in our Three Little Pigs building site. 
The children learnt about Autumn and what happens to the animals and plants in Autumn. We created Autumn pictures, made animals that hibernate and explored Autumn objects. 
For our Light and Dark topic, we have thought about festivals such as Diwali, Bonfire Night and Christmas. We made firework paintings, Diva lamps, and also made shadow puppets to learn about how shadows are formed. The children enjoyed playing in our class dark den and learning about reflection, shadows and light sources. 
We also talked about nocturnal, diurnal and crepuscular animals. the children were able to sort these and think about why some animals are awake at night, day or dusk and dawn. 
Our second class text was The Gruffalo's Child. the children learnt this very well and we discussed the characters in depth. We used lots of adjectives to describe the characters emotions and appearance. 
Our final class text was The First Christmas. The children now know the story well and performed and recorded it as a present for their parents. We have a festive Christmas Post Office role play corner and the children have been practising their writing skills to write and send letters, postcards and Christmas cards. The children have also enjoyed lots of Christmas craft and card making. We made our own Christingles and joined in with our class service. We made Christingle decorations with collage to decorate the church. 
This term we have also been using the Forest School site and now go on a weekly basis. The children are independent at getting ready and enjoy the swings, mud kitchen, den building and other activities on offer.