Autumn Term - 2020

What a busy first term we have had in Watergate!
The children are all now well and truly settled.
We started with lots of work under the topic All About Me, which allowed us to find out all about the children. It was especially good to share the information from home in the All About Me Books. The children really enjoyed doing this.
We then moved on to our Autumn topic.
The children found out all about what happens during Autumn. It was great to have so  many contributions to our display.
The children learned about the colour changes in leaves, that they fall from trees and about some of the animals and what they do in Autumn.
Our Literacy was based around The Three Little Pigs and fun was had building homes for Preston Pig.
After that our topic was Light and Dark.
The children learned all about animals that are Nocturnal, Diurnal and Crepuscular. They really enjoyed learning these new words and still talk about which animals fit into which category.
We went to Forest School to start our Literacy work about The Gruffalo's Child.
We also explored festivals and celebrations that use lights - Bonfire Night, Diwali, Advent and Christingle. We made divas, lit them and looked at them in the dark.
We made shadow puppets and explored shadows and why they are formed.
Now we have moved onto Christmas.
We will be sharing with you our Literacy story of The First Christmas once we have recorded this.
We are undertaking all sorts of Christmas art and craft activities - you will see them all when we send them home at the end of term.