Autumn Term - 2020

What a busy, successful first term back we have had! We have been working incredibly hard with our learning and getting back into the swing of our routines since we have been back. 
In the first part of Autumn term our topic was nocturnal animals, we have been writing information pages about our chosen animals. We went on fact hunts around the classroom and learnt so many exciting new information to use in our writing. We enjoyed using the story Fantastic Mr Fox for our writing too. In maths we have been recapping our learning from Year 1 and learning new skills.
After half term we started our Great Fire of London topic which we have love learning about! If you ask us any questions we can tell you loads of facts about it including where it started, how it started and the key events which took place. We've been writing diaries from the point of view of different people who were around in 1666 and we are finishing by writing letters to kind Charles the 2nd. We have done some fabulous artwork with a fiery background and silhouette which can be seen in our classroom.
In maths we have been recapping our place value knowledge and learning new skills which we are continuing to embed. We have been learning how to logon to the laptops with our new user names and we've learnt new skills to log on to teams just incase we ever need to learn at home again! We're certainly getting quicker and more confident at logging on! 
We are looking forward to some festive activities in the last week of term to celebrate our hard work this term. Have a restful break and Merry Christmas.