Autumn Term - 2020

Our Return to School in September
We started our term with a unit of work based on 'Here We Are' written by Oliver Jeffers. This was to help settle us back into the school routines after lockdown.
We looked at a variety of PSHE themes, including safe places, special people, keeping ourselves safe; as well as justice and equality.
 We're off to see the Wizard...
During our first unit of Literacy we 'Followed the Yellow Brick Road.' After following the yellow string road, which lead to different characters, we finally met the Great Wizard of Oz. This led to us writing fantasy tales following the structure of the original text. We worked hard to develop our description of story settings and the children had some amazing ideas for their own imaginary settings.
The Second Half of the Autumn Term
In the second half of the Autumn term, our topic has been Frozen Worlds.
We have learned about and compared the geographical features of the Arctic Circle and Antarctica, using maps, videos and photos to help us. Below you can see us sorting facts depending on whether they apply to the Arctic, the Antarctic or both.  In Science, we have been classifying animals and plants, which can be found in these two locations. 
In our Literacy, we learnt a verbal text of a biography of Sir Ernest Shackleton. We then researched another polar explorer, Matthew Henson, whose achievement of reaching the North Pole was not recognised at the time due to the colour of his skin. The children have used their research to write their own biographies of Matthew Henson.
Autumn Term
During the first half of the Autumn term, our topic was States of Matter and the Water Cycle.
In Science, we explored the different states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. We undertook investigations into how materials change from one state to another, exploring the best places around school for water to evaporate and condense. (Not surprisingly, the best place for evaporation was in the old Y6 room beside the heater!)
This led our learning onto the water cycle, where we learned about the different stages within it. (See the photos below of us practising ordering the stages correctly).
We had a Geography day, where we found out about why it rains more in particular places and identified them on a UK map. As part of our Literacy work, we looked at the features and vocabulary of explanation texts and wrote an explanation of the water cycle.
Our story for Literacy in the second half of the Autumn term was Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone. It is the story of the evil Ice Queen who steals people's voices so she can rule over the kingdom of Erkenwald for all eternity.
The Ice Queen visited our classroom and stole our voices. Below you can see us working together to complete different tasks without being able to talk.