Autumn Term - 2020

Welcome to Porthpean!
We have had such an exciting first term, from receiving videos from The Wizard of Oz, to art rainy day creations and learning about the Polar habitats. 
The children have worked hard on their writing focusing on correct punctuation (capital letters and full stops) as well as adding description (adjective, fronted adverbials and expanded noun phrases) to make it more exciting for the reader. We started our Autumn Term by reading the Wizard of Oz and following Dorothy and her friends through their adventure and are now reading Sky Song which is linked to our Frozen World's topic. We can't put the book down! 
In Science we have learned all about States of Matter and how these change, explained the water cycle and how it works and have also created our own classification keys for animals that live in Antarctica and the Arctic. 
In Geography we have been looking at the human and physical features of our Polar habitats. We learned some interesting facts such as the highest wind speed every recorded in Antarctica was 120mph and the lowest temperature recorded was -82.9 degrees C. BBRRRRRR!
We have learned about Hinduism and are now starting to learn about Christianity, in particular Trinity and Gospels for RE. 
Computing has been a challenge with technology this term, so we were creative with our computing coding lesson and gave our partner an algorithm to follow through a maze outside! This was great fun.
We are looking forward to our next Art topic day where we will be creating repeated patterns by printing and having a virtual visitor!
Lots of interesting learning happening and more to come.