Autumn Term - 2020

It has been a long awaited return to the classroom for all of us and the children have come back for the Autumn Term full of excitement and positivity.
We began our term with a new History unit on the Fall of Rome, learning all about how the Roman Empire came to an end and the arrival of the Anglo- Saxons into Britain.
The children linked this work to the artist Thomas Cole who painted a series of works called, The Courses of Empire, the children studied his painting style and produced some great work of their own.
Year 5 have enjoyed learning about notation and rhythm during their Heavy Metal Rock day. The classes dressed up and worked on the song 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica. We used the greenscreen to take some excellent photo shots. We used the backgrounds from different concerts.
The class looked at the lyrics and discussed the meanings in the song.
We have been learning about The Earth and Space in Science. We have been working in Scientific Enquiry to find out about the ideas from the past and how they have developed and changed over time. We have researched different models including Geocentric and Heliocentric models to explain the movement of the Earth and the Planets. 
We used models to show the rotation and orbit of the Earth and how that relates to the rest of the planets and the Sun. We have learnt about the phases of the moon and have practised making diagrams and labelling them. We sorted different theories about whether or not the Earth is flat or spherical and the evidence for this.
We designed our own Christmas cards using different painting and collage techniques. We practised cutting different symmetrical shape from paper to make trees and snowflakes. We came up with some really original and unusual designs. 
Many of the parents could then order our cards and have them printed. We could even have our pictures on labels or mugs. 
We loved seeing our work made into real products.
In Computing we have been learning about Digital Photography. We have compared different images to see how they have been edited to make them look different. We have discussed why advertisers and people using social media may want their images changed. We realised that the pictures that we see may not be realistic or true. 
We went on to learn how the editing had been achieved. We took a selection of selfies ourselves and then edited and changed them by altering the colours, lighting, adding filters or by drawing over the top of the image.
We enjoyed sharing these images with each other by air dropping them to different devices in the room. We printed the images and wrote about what we had changed and the effect that it had on the images.