Spring Term - 2021

Outdoor Learning
When we returned to school after the lockdown, we spent a lot of our time outside.
As part of our Literacy work, based on the book Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz, we wanted to explore character's feelings and create suspense. We played games which involved hiding and creeping and then discussed how we could describe our actions and feelings in this situation. These games proved to be a firm favourite as we finally had the opportunity to be with our friends again.
Exploring Electricity
Our Science topic during the second part of the Spring Term was Electricity.
First, we were set the challenge to make a bulb light up. The children had to work out how to use the equipment they were given (wires, batteries and a bulb) to get the bulb to light up. Working with their partner, this was a great example of our teamwork and perseverance.
Once we had created a circuit, we then explored a number of different things. First we made a circuit with bulbs in series and observed what happened to the brightness. Next, we investigated which materials conducted electricity by putting different objects into our circuits to see whether the electricity flowed through them. Finally, we found out how a switch works and made our own out of paper clips, using them in our own circuits to turn the bulb on and off.
Well done to everyone in Lusty Glaze. You are a class of Scientists!
Making Head Torches
Linked to our work on Electricity in Science and following on from our Cornish Mining History topic in the first half of the term, we did our DT work on head torches.
We looked at some different torches and discussed the features a miner's head torch would need. We then designed our own head torch based on these, choosing the materials we wanted to use and saying how we planned to join them.
When we started making the head-bands a lot of us found that join the elastic or fabric was very difficult. Many children tried a number of different methods (selotape, staples, sewing) before finding one which worked successfully. Great perseverance was demonstrated by the whole class.