Spring Term - 2021

What an eventful spring term it has been for our school! It was great to have Pentire class back for all of one day before the schools shut again. Remote learning was a new experience for us all but I was so proud of the effort our class put in with their learning from home. We enjoyed class meetings where we talked about our learning, played a range of games and just got to see friends again.

It was great to finally welcome Pentire back to school once we reopened. We have been busy going over topics we needed more support within Maths and learning new content too. The children were introduced to algebra for the first time and have done an amazing job with understanding this tricky concept! Their progress was amazing, and we enjoyed using scales and pictures to help us understand equations. We have been going back over fractions too and again the children’s effort has been fantastic!

In Literacy, we have been learning about explanations texts based on the theme of Harry Potter. Having started the unit solving a range of magical puzzles and codes, the children learnt to use formal explanation language to create their own explanation text on topics and objects that interest them. We are now moving onto WW2 for our literacy theme, looking at going back in time to retell the story life in the blitz.

Pentire class took part in a whole school Science Fair competition this term based on the theme of physics. We chose experiments or topics that we wanted to present and recorded videos to share with the whole school. We had a fun day trying out experiments! Our Science topic this term is Light and Electricity, we have already learnt many incredible facts about reflection and refraction!

We will also be learning about the Ancient Islamic Civilisation in History, earthquakes in Geography and striking and fielding in PE. We look forward to our last term in primary school where there will hopefully be lots of exciting leavers activities and many happy memories to be made.