Residential Year 3 - Carnyorth Camp June 2018

Year 3 Camp – Carnyorth

On Monday 25th June a group of Year 3 children set off to Carnyorth Camp.  They were brimming with excitement as they clambered onto the mini bus.  When we arrived the children met Jon, our instructor who went about explaining the Carnyorth camp rules in which flossing and having fun were not allowed!  In the afternoon of the first day we went for a long walk and completed Minors Cluedo.  On Tuesday we took the canoes and kayaks and went paddling at Newlyn Harbour.  The children absolutely loved perfecting their paddling skills out at sea and enjoyed a dip and some fun games in the water.  That evening we had a BBQ and played games outside.  On our final day the children tested their skills and nerve as they took on the challenge of the climbing wall and archery.   At the end of the trip the group were awarded a very rare and special award by Jon for being really awesome.  He said that he had never given out the award before.  All in all it was a very successful camp.  The children were such fun and behaved impeccably and were a joy to take away.