Residential Year 4 - Carnyorth June 2018

The Y4 children arrived on camp on Wednesday 27th June. On arrival, they were shown around and had the rules explained to them by Jon (the lead instructor). 
After lunch we were split into 2 groups, with half doing climbing and half doing archery; swapping over for the second part  of the afternoon. The children worked well, many overcoming fears or improving skills.
On Thursday, the children had to develop their team work and cooperation skills as they found out how to make coracles. First, they practised the knots they would need to use later, by making picture frames out of sticks. After that they worked in 4 teams to create their coracles; making the frames, before covering it with plastic and checking to ensure they were waterproof.
After lunch, we walked across the moorland to the pond where our creations would be tested. Each group's coracle was put into the water to see how long it would stay afloat and how many people it could carry. Every group was successful! Well done to all!
Once the coracles had been launched, paddle boards and kayaks were also launched for the children use, developing their paddling skills and balance. 
Finally, after removing all watercraft from the pond, a slide was set up using a canoe and the children got the chance to launch themselves, causing much splashing and hilarity!
This was a fabulous day and the children's enjoyment was obvious throughout.
On our final day, after getting all our belongings packed up very sensibly and efficiently, we started playing Miners' Cluedo. This involved walking from the centre, across the fields, to Levant Mine to look at some of the remains of the old tin mine workings. At each place, we listened to clues about who worked in the different parts of the mine and the tools they used. Then, from there, along the coast path to the arsenic tunnels  where we put the clues together to work out which miner, tool and place was missing. 
After a couple of rounds of the Zombie Brain Game, which is perfect to play in the old tunnels, we returned to the centre for a quick lunch, before the long coach journey back to school.